2006 World Equestrian Games
FEI.CEI*** 160 Km 

August-September 2006
Aachen - Alemania

 4º place for Elvis Hab (EFBoss * E.O.Fasuliya) and his owner Jaume Punti Dachs representing Spain.

E.O. KITABA (Kirkuk * Taima) with his owner Jaume Punti Dachs, obtained on december 16, 2006 the 9° place in the United Arab Emirates National Day Cup en Abu Dhabi, a 3 stars FEI CEI ride over 120 Kms. Also E.O. KITABA obtained with his rider Pio Olascoaga, on november 18, a 15°place in the First Gulf Bank Endurance Challenge in Abu Dhabi, a 3 stars CEI ride over 120 Kms

ELVIS HAB (EFBoss * E.O. Fasuliya) together with his owner Jaume Punti, on july 2, 2006 wins the Raid Hípico de Barbuñales in Spain, a 1 star CEN ride over 80 kms. ELVIS HAB also obtained a 7° place on february 16, 2006  in the HH The President of United Arab Emirates Cup in Abu Dhabi, a FEI CEI ride over 160 Kms and on january 22 a 12° place in the Dubai Equestrian Club ride in Dubai, a CEN ride over 120 Kms

MILQUI (Assifa * E.O. Fahham) together with his rider Mohd Hasan Abdulla Al Musawi, obtained on march 24, 2006 a 7° place in the Abu Dhabi Endurance Cup for Junior & Young Riders, a 2 stars CEI ride over 100 Kms

E.O. BIGAL (Adal Virule * Baahir) property of Claude Place put in this performance during 2006 in France:

october 8 Estelle Delahaye National 1 * 90 Kms. Donnemarie Dontilly, Ile de France
september 9 Mathieu Revillion Regional 60 Kms. Michauges, Bourgogne
july 9 Christian Carozzi Regional 40 Kms. Parentignat, Auvergne
june24 Christian Carozzi Departamental 30 Kms. La Haute Maison, Ile de France

E.O. FATAHA (E.O. Fawakin * Adal Viruta) property of Claude Place obtained the following classifications during 2006 in France:

october 1 Estelle Delahaye Regional 40 Kms. Sommant, Bourgogne
august 19 Mathieu Revillion Regional 20 Kms. Bouzy La Foret, Centre-Val de Loire
Haras El Oasis’ animals have accomplished major international achievements:

Federico García Piñeyrúa with E.O. Raqada, member of the national team for the World Championship held in United Arab Emirates

E.O. KITABA (Kirkuk*Taima) property of Juma's Endurance Team, wins in "II Raid de Miraflores" in Madrid, Spain, 2 stars CEI ride in may 2005

ELVIS HAB (EFBoss * E.O. Fasuliya) with his owner Jaume Punti, clasified in the FEI Open European Champinship, in Compiegne, France, on august 26, 2005, over 160 kms

We were present in the 2005 Endurance World Championship in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with E.O.Raqada (Rafik II*EO Tajirah) who represented Uruguay and E.D. Duzmada (LC Duzar*Maimada) in the Chilean Team

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