The Arabian horses of Haras El Oasis have had a very good international performance. Both the animals of El Oasis and its descendents have attained great achievements. At present, endurance races is where our animals most stand out.

In Spain E.O. Ilj (Adal Ymmed*La Jarda) has obtained the following results this year:

Navalcarnero, 1 star, 80 km, ridden by Vincianne van Damme of Belgium, 3st place
Guadarrama, 80 kms, 4th place
Spanish Association of Arabian Horses Breeders, 2nd place, 12 seconds from the winner and Best Condition Award
Fuentidueña de Tajo, 1st place and Best Condition Award
Nava Hermosa, Castilla La Mancha, 90 km, 2nd place and Best Condition Award

In Chile the following animals are competing:

Duzmada (L.C. Duzar*Maimada), 8/11/03, FEI competition in Ritoque, 8th place in 160 kms
Mukill, 8/11/03, FEI competition in Ritoque, 7th place in 88 kms
Danintu (L.C. Duzar*Su Majestad), competing under the name of Iman, 2nd best animal of the year in the Safari category
E.O. Dujan (L.C. Duzar*Aqabah)

In Argentina we find:

E.O. Feriac, 8/11/03, FEI ride in Bahia Blanca, 12° place in 80 kms
E.O. Sasu (AA Sabottaj*Saaris)

In the United Arab Emirates the following animals are also competing:

E.O. Summalak (E.O. Su Majestad*Malakal), made its debut in the Master Cup when he had just arrived
E.O. Fhad (E.O. Fawakin*Fakira)
E.O. Raqrad (E.O. Rafata*E.O. Dahada)
E.D. Dumar (L.C. Duzar*Maimada)

In Guatemala this animal sold by El Oasis has recently competed:

E.O. Duzkal (L.C. Duzar*Kalima), National Championship, 3rd. place  

Haras El Oasis’animals have accomplished major international achievements:


E.O. FAHAD (E.O. Fawakin*E.O.Fakira), belonging to Al Whatba Stables, ridden by Ali Khalfan, winner of the National Day Cup in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on 4 December, with an average of 22.08 km/h.

E.O. FERIAC (Count Federico*E.O. Riad), ridden by Josefina Chas,
second place in 3-star ride (160 km), FEI date in Pinamar, Argentina.


E.O. AMER (Count Federico*E.O.Damman Hour), ridden by Christian Ruiz Díaz, third place in 2-star ride (120 km),
in ‘Campo de Mayo’, Argentina, on 5 June 2004;

E.O. DANINPU (L.C. Duzar*E.O. Su Majestad), fourth place in 2-star ride (100km), FEI date in Chile.


ELVIS HAB (EFBoss * E.O. Fasuliya) this son of E.O. FASULIYA wins with his owner Jaume Punti, the "Copa de su Majestad El Rey" in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain on september 25, 2004, a 3 stars ride over 200 kms.

E.O. DUKAN (L.C. Duzar *Rasab ) property of AL Ain Endurance Stables, 4th. place in CEI** 120 kms in Boudthib Endurance Village, Al Khatem, United Arab Emirates on december 29, 2004.

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